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Introducing MarkWay's Beyond DIY PR Kit @ $99 Only

Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Monthly PR Subscriptions

Are you tired of struggling to connect with the right journalists, paying monthly subscriptions, and still wondering if your PR efforts are truly effective? MarkWay Solutions presents the ultimate solution for startups, individuals, and small businesses with big ambitions - our Beyond DIY PR Kit. 

What Sets Us Apart?

At MarkWay Solutions, we understand the challenges you face when trying to get your message out there. That's why our Beyond DIY PR Kit offers more than just a generic list of journalists. Here's what makes our kit exceptional:

100% Accuracy

MarkWay’s Beyond DIY PR Kit offers a list of 300+ journalists. But, we don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We curate a tailored list for each client, based on your keywords and specific product or service.

Bounce-Back Protection

Email bounce-backs can be frustrating and counterproductive. If any of the emails on your list bounce back, we're here to fix it. We'll promptly replace it with a new, valid contact, ensuring your outreach is seamless.

Two PR Angles

Crafting the perfect pitch can be challenging. With our Beyond DIY PR Kit, you'll receive not one but two PR angles to help you target journalists with a compelling and effective message. Say goodbye to writer's block.

 Email Verification

We know that your time is valuable. That's why we meticulously verify every email ID on your media list before delivering it to you. Now, no more wasted outreach efforts due to incorrect contact information.

No Monthly Subscription

Why continue paying for pricey monthly PR subscriptions? At MarkWay Solutions, we believe in providing cost-effective and impactful PR solutions. 

Templates & Proofreading

Craft the perfect pitch and press release effortlessly with our professionally designed templates. Before your press release goes out, let our expert proofreaders ensure it's polished to perfection. 

Pricing That Fits Your Budget


Who Is This Kit For?

If you're an early-stage startup, an individual with a personal brand, or a small business operating on a tight budget, MarkWay's Beyond DIY PR Kit is tailored just for you. We understand the financial constraints you may face, but that shouldn't limit your PR potential. With our affordable and comprehensive package, you can now compete with the big players in your industry without compromising on quality.


For those who have recently been featured on ProductHunt and are now wondering, "What's next?" Look no further. MarkWay's Beyond DIY PR Kit is your answer to boosting your PR game without spending a fortune. We understand the value of effective PR, especially after a ProductHunt feature, and our kit offers you a tailored media list, email verification, bounce-back protection, two PR angles, and a free wire service distribution, all at an affordable price.

Want Only Media List?

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