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  • Amil Sawant

The PR and Journalism Tango: A New Twist

Let's talk about something every marketing person grapples with in the constantly evolving world of PR and journalism – It feels like a game where the rules keep evolving. We're constantly on our toes, trying to keep up and secure coverage for our brands in top media outlets. Today, I'm here to share some interesting (maybe a bit surprising) insights and trends that are reshaping the way we communicate with the media. It's crucial info that can help us all stay ahead in this dynamic game.

The Changing Dynamics of PR and Journalism
The Changing Dynamics of PR and Journalism

First off, have you noticed how it's getting harder to catch a journalist's attention with our pitches? It's not just you – recent trends have unveiled significant shifts in the PR and journalism field. There's been a real dip (like a whopping 20.6% drop!) in how often they're biting on what we send out. And it's not just because they're getting pickier. There are actually fewer journalists out there, and PR guys are bombarding them with more pitches than ever. This means a growing disparity between the supply (PR pitches) and the demand (journalists' bandwidth) in the media world.

The Growing Gap in PR and Journalism

Further underscoring this challenge, a recent report showed that over a quarter of journalists are drowning in over 100 pitches every single week. But guess how many of those pitches get a response? Barely 3%! It's like throwing a party, and hardly anyone shows up. This huge gap between the number of stories pitched and the limited time these journalists have is something we really need to think about.

The Rise of Personalized Pitching

Here's a ray of hope – personalized pitching. It's like finding the right frequency that resonates with each journalist's interests. Crafting pitches that specifically cater to what journalists are looking for can significantly increase your chances of getting noticed. At MarkWay Solutions, we're big on this approach. We're all about building those one-on-one connections rather than just posting messages. This strategy helps in building stronger, more effective connections with media professionals, enhancing the likelihood of your story being picked up and shared.

So, how do we at MarkWay make it happen? Well, we put a lot of effort into getting to know the journalists – what they like, what they don't, what makes them tick. And when it comes to telling our clients' stories, we don't just go through the motions. We craft something unique, something that's going to catch a journalist's eye because it's not just another pitch – it's a story they'll be excited to tell. Now, let me put this in bullet points. 

MarkWay Solutions: Adapting to Change

At MarkWay Solutions, we have been quick to adapt to these industry changes. Our team prioritizes:

  • Strong Media Relationships: Understanding the needs and preferences of journalists is key. We invest time in building and maintaining these crucial relationships.

  • Creative Storytelling: We craft unique narratives that resonate with our client's objectives and align with journalists' interests.

  • Strategic Pitching: Our pitches are not only personalized but are also strategically crafted to align with current media trends and coverage areas.

The Future of PR: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Staying ahead in PR is all about agility and adaptability. It's about reading the room, understanding the ever-changing media landscape, and aligning our strategies accordingly. Our pitches need to resonate, hitting the right notes at the right time with journalists. It's a collaborative effort.

So, what do you think? How are you navigating these industry shifts? Are you discovering innovative ways to make your pitches resonate and stand out? If you need any assistance with your PR strategies or outreach, feel free to contact us at

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